Cupboard Natural Foods carries several Fair Trade products.  Look for them around the store, in our bulk section.  Some common items that you might find are chocolate, coffee, and tea.

Cupboard Natural Foods Green Practices

The Cupboard Natural Foods and Café continues to strive for a healthier more sustainable Denton.  We support local farmers who are committed to supplying products that have no pesticides, no chemicals, no commercial fertilizers, no antibiotics, and no hormones to our community.

We work closely with North Texas farmers to provide our customers with the freshest and most nutritionally dense food available while contributing to the local economy. We carry a full line of organic and locally grown groceries, which include:

·         organic milk and cheeses

·          local free range eggs

·         local hormone and antibiotic free meats and poultry

·         grass fed and finished beef

·         local seasonal and heirloom varieties fruits and vegetables, organic

·         local and organic body care products and supplements,

·         organic handcrafted wine and beer.

At the Cupboard, our commitment to greener living includes our environmentally conscious building upgrades and our daily business practices. Our roofing system is comprised of a mixture of eco-friendly and recycled materials.  Its design utilizes contemporary green technology that provides exceptional resistance to ultraviolet, ozone, and chemical exposure while increasing our energy efficiency.  Additional green practices that we follow are:

·         low wattage fluorescent lighting

·         unbleached toilet tissue

·         recycled copier paper

·         recycle all our paper, glass, metal and plastic trash

·         hot water sanitizing in café dishwasher instead of chemical sanitizers

·         plant drought tolerant perennials in planter beds for low water usage

·         rainwater harvesting system from H2Options

Blink Network Electic Vehicle charging stations(2) on site

·         compost our produce waste

·         bicycle racks are conveniently located

·         conveniently located recycling bins for community use

·         encourage the use of grocery tote bags

·         encourage customers to recycle disposable ware with in store recycling bins. 

Furthermore, educational materials that delineate green practices and highlight organic and locally grown products are present throughout our store to keep our customers apprised of trends and product use in green living.

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